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Why Start Now

While grieving the sudden passing of my brother in 2022 (due to suicide), I am acutely aware of the universal need that we all have to maintain a sense of well being and belonging. Perhaps you too have experienced loss - whether it be a loved one, job, family unit, etc. We've all experienced isolation surrounding the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic. Seasonal changes and colder days of winter can increase feelings of isolation. Feeling like an "outsider" can be overwhelming. Though our individual experiences may be different, we are united by a deep rooted need to feel connected.


I've personally experienced how community involvement and creating a positive support system can lead to a greater overall sense of well being. That is why I have established these three C's (Contributing, Collaborating, and Celebrating) as the core values in support of my mission as Your Community Connector™. My hope is to continue to carve out a path that will help others gain a stronger sense of self-worth and inclusion as part of their local community. 

My Background:

As the Founder of, and having a professional event planning and marketing background, I love promoting experiences that create positive and genuine connections. Feel free to check out this quick video of one of the many networking events that I have hosted here as well as some of my top tips for networking effectively as featured in Forbes. As a motivational speaker and author, I invite you to learn more about my "rise up" story in the collaborative book, Women Who Rise.

My Mission:

Collaborating with venues, event planners, and other influencers to advocate for mental health awareness, inclusion, & community support.

How This Will Be Achieved:

In my brother's memory, I am launching Community Connector Events™ to support local professionals in developing stronger support systems and community connections. Raising awareness for mental health advocacy resources, collaborating with local organizations & charities, as well as celebrating communities & people who create a positive local impact.



  • Restaurants & Venues

  • Professional Support Services

      (resume writing & career training)

  • Charitable Organizations

  • Networking Organizations

  • Influencers Who Inspire 

Introductions and suggestions for collaboration are welcome!

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