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What Is Professional Brilliance?

It's like having a super power...

It is more than just having an expertise; it's a unique blend of grit, skill, intelligence, integrity, and years of experience.

It's about wanting to make a difference in the world and sharing your knowledge to help others achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Indeed, you are meant to shine.

Watch this inspiring interview about overcoming limiting beliefs, finding your identity, and unlocking your potential!

Let's Get More Personal

Exclusive Interview With Rebecca Chalson

Discover the power of personal branding with Rebecca Chalson, Founder of The Professional Brilliance Formula™. Learn why business leaders need to invest in their personal brands in order to stay competitive.

Watch this interview as she delves into her co-authored book "Women Who Rise," sharing how her unconventional journey fueled her passion for personal branding.

Professional Brilliance Formula™

S.P.A.R.K Your Inner Genius


Turn Your Passion Into Passive Income

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Imagine being able to monetize your expertise and turning it into an additional revenue stream! The combination of passive income and selling digital products online can be a game-changer for your life. Learn why and how in this 39 page ebook.

Spark Your Inner Genius

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The one constant in life is change. However, no matter what you do or where you go, you AWAYS take your personal brand with you. Watch this video to learn more and then schedule your first complimentary strategy session.

You already have professional brilliance. Our job is to help create the S.P.A.R.K. that will help you shine even brighter. Let's get started!

Client Spotlight: Vince Papale

Watch this 5 minute video to see how we can personalize this formula for our clients!

The Professional Brilliance Formula™

S.P.A.R.K. Your Inner Genius™

Spotlight Credibility: Develop a personal brand that showcases your expertise and credibility.

Package Offerings: Bundle your services with an effective pricing strategy.

Amplify Insights: Provide thought leadership and training programs that engage your target audience.

Raise Awareness: Implement effective online and offline marketing strategies.

Keep Shining: Create habits and systems that contribute to consistency and growth.

What People Are Saying

Rebecca is a brilliant business strategist when it comes to growing individual practices and building a brand around your messaging. Couldn't recommend her any more!

Jordan Schatz

The ADHD Guru™

I have been able to get my name and brand in front of that many more local professionals and business owners. Thank you Rebecca for a wonderful experience!

Janine Kiriluck - Business Development Director

From the moment I met Rebecca, there was an instant knowing that I met her for a reason. Her depth of authenticity and transparency let me to know I could trust her.

Crystal Pizarro

Speaker, Author, Coach

Personal Branding Expert

Spark Your Inner Genius With Rebecca Chalson

Rebecca, owner of Create Your Potential LLC, brings over a decade of business development expertise, specializing in personal branding strategy and digital marketing. Her co-authored book “Women Who Rise” chronicles her journey of turning challenges into opportunities by leveraging unique strengths and fostering meaningful connections.

Rebecca works with individuals, as well as organizations, to help them connect with their target audience more effectively through the power of personal branding. Offering keynote speaking, workshops, and coaching. Her done for you "Linkedin Makeover & Optimization Strategy" is especially popular.

Industry Experts Share Their Experience


Why is PERSONAL BRANDING key to unlocking Professional Brilliance™?

In the contemporary business landscape, personal branding holds a pivotal role, backed by compelling statistics that underscore its significance. According to a LinkedIn survey, professionals with a robust personal brand are 29 times more likely to be noticed by recruiters.

Furthermore, a study by CareerBuilder indicates that 57% of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they cannot find online. Demonstrating the tangible benefits, a report from Forbes reveals that executives attribute 45% of their company's reputation to the reputation of their CEO, reinforcing the impact of personal branding on leadership opportunities.

In essence, these statistics illuminate the direct correlation between a well-crafted personal brand and increased visibility, leadership opportunities, and financial success in the modern business realm.

Why should I book a STRATEGY SESSION with Rebecca Chalson?

Our pre-packaged offerings walk you through various aspects of empowering your personal brand. With our ebooks & training videos you can learn at your own pace how to create an ebook, create and sell a course online, position yourself as a highly paid speaker, and more! However, if you want to explore done for you options, start by booking a strategy session with Rebecca Chalson. This is perfect if you are a busy professional who wants a done for you tailored strategy, brainstorming support, graphic design services, and all the tech set up done for you! Hit the ground running with a strategy to spotlight your credibility, automate your marketing, and have all the systems set up to generate passive income.

Schedule a strategy session today to get started. Learn more HERE.

I am NEW to personal branding, which package should I start with?

Great question! First, download your free copy of "Spark Your Inner Genius: Monetize Your Expertise" workbook. It has 37 pages full of personal branding strategies as well as brainstorming exercises. When you click on "For Industry Experts" in the menu, you will also that we also offer on demand training. We recommend purchasing "The Professional Brilliance Bundle" as the best place to start for beginners. If you want to monetize your public speaking experience, check out The Speaker Success Kit.

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