Community Connector Events™ are designed to provide a springboard for creating authentic connections and greater opportunities within your local community.

Through networking, social activities, and professional development opportunities, we give our attendees the tools they need to succeed and thrive. We understand the importance of genuine connections and strive to create an inclusive and supportive community that fosters growth and collaboration. Join us today and start connecting with like-minded professionals!


Though our individual experiences may vary, we are all united by a deep rooted need to feel connected and valued.

Hi, my name is Rebecca Chalson! I've personally experienced how community involvement and creating a positive support system can lead to a greater overall sense of well being. I launched this platform in memory of my brother Benjamin Toci, with a portion of the proceeds being used to help raise awareness & support for veterans acclimating back into civilian life.

As the Digital Marketing Business Owner of Create Your Potential, I support business professionals in helping them build their personal brand and grow their sphere of influence, both online and offline, to achieve their goals. As Your Community Connector I am excited about helping you create your potential through creating connections that count!

You May be Only one meeting away

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Greater potential.


As a Forbes-featured marketing & networking expert, Rebecca Chalson teaches service-based business owners and sales professionals how to build their brand and grow their network effectively.

As Your Community Connector, Rebecca provides both virtual and in-person training sessions on topics such as personal branding, relationship building, and social media marketing. Rebecca is committed to equipping her clients with the tools and strategies they need to take their professional success to the next level.


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